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Summer 2023 CSA

Summer CSA.png

FarmerJawn Was Founded By Christa Barfield and In January 2023 FarmerJawn is Adding 123 Acres of Land To Our Network of Farms in The Philadelphia Metropolitan Area Focused on Regenerative Farming Practices, Soil Health, and Increasing Access To Organic Food To Marginalized Communities.

A CSA helps a farmer prepare for the season ahead. With your share dollars, we are able to buy seeds, supplies, plan labor and purchase equipment to grow all the food in the upcoming season. 

Throughout the CSA we will feature creations from local food artisans and makers, tea, honey, weekly recipes tips and more!

The Summer CSA 2023 season will run from Sunday, July 23rd to October 8th 2023! There will be 12 pick-ups for this option.


This Year There Are CSA Options For Your Home and Office


CSA Pick-up Schedules and Locations

Elkins Estate.jpg


Kensington - Jasper House 
Center City - High Street
Elkins Park- FarmerJawn at Elkins
West Chester- FarmerJawn at Westtown School

Pick - up Locations

Farmerjawn greenery.jpg


Pick - up Locations

Mt. Airy - FarmerJawn Greenery  2PM - 7PM

West Chester- FarmerJawn at Westtown School 2PM - 7PM

South Philly - Navy Yard  12NN - 6PM

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