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A futures contract describes a future commodity, price, and delivery time.

Futures contracts have always been classified as highly profitable and at the same time high-risk types of transactions. So why is equity construction still considered a profitable way to invest? Because of the prevailing belief that real estate will always increase in value

A clever developer will always be able to create the effect and illusion of growth. How does this happen? Here again it is worth recalling three concepts: price, cost and value.

Obviously, the cost will be determined by the estimate for construction. And it is not uncommon for a developer to attract money from equity holders at a price that was lower than the objective cost of construction. The investigation into the Urban Group case showed that part of the money from equity holders was attracted at a price close to the cost of construction.

Now about the price. The price of the transaction at the construction stage will be cleverly justified by the values ​​that the shareholder will receive in the future. And this is where His Majesty marketing comes into play. The developer manipulates the values, which in the future, in his opinion, will allow him to win in price.



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