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Our Mission

Food Access
Food Justice
Food Waste

FarmerJawn follows regenerative farming practices that concentrate on soil health and increasing access to organic food to marginalized communities. The city of Philadelphia is plagued with food-insecure families that work 40+ hours per week and still don't have access to chemical-free food options. One because they don't understand the importance of it, and two because the access just isn't there.


Food Deserts are defined as residential communities that are outside of a 1-mile walking distance to a grocery store where fresh food options are sold. The bodegas where processed and unhealthy prepared foods are sold flourish in low-income communities.


Really, all communities should have access to farm-fresh organic foods regardless of socioeconomic status. Education is lacking across all demographic groups as to the importance of effecting change on food politics/justice. FarmerJawn aims to create change and bring awareness to the matters of food waste and food insecurity and the symbiotic relationship between the two. 

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